Hosta Garden 2005'


Until recently, we weren't able to grow hostas very successfully. Nature and circumstances seemed to be working against us.

Our earliest gardens had sandy soil, were raised above ground level and prone to drying out quickly. Their sunny exposure was not ideal for growing hostas either. Our only shaded areas were under the ever-present cedar trees, whose canopy prevented all but the heaviest rains from reaching the ground beneath and whose roots sucked up most of the available moisture in the ground. To make matters worse, we weren't always there to provide extra water when necessary. When we finally began to spend several months at a time at our cottage, we started having summers which were, one after another, prone to drought.

We eventually created the EAST GARDEN which was shaded until early afternoon. Then came the NORTH GARDEN with its tall grasses and shrubs and the potential for protection and shade they provided. Some hostas were moved into both gardens from areas under construction.

In 2003 the Hosta Garden itself evolved to the northwest of a large pine tree which was creating more and more shade as the years passed. Hostas had been planted in this general area earlier, in their own holes in the rocky terrain but eventually a normal bed was made where they could spread to their hearts' content. A shade-loving Hakone Grass, Hakonechloa macra aureola, and a Japanese Painted Fern, Athyrium nipponicum 'Pictum', joined them.

Over the years we have added several more Hosta whose species and cultivar names we know. Searching the Internet has been helpful in narrowing down the identification of some still unnamed forms. One of the best sites we've found for researching hundreds of different hosta forms, complete with information and images is the Hosta Library whose link is below our own hosta images.

For a number of useful Hosta links, be sure to check out the information at the bottom of this page.

Or check out the images and descriptions of the Hostas currently in our collection below.

Hosta fortunei 'Aureo-Marginata':  18-27"x24"

    Hosta fortunei 'Aureo-Marginata'
    specific epithet is pronounced:  for-TOON-ee-eye
      synonym:  Hosta fortunei 'Yellow Edge'
        foliage:  large, elongated, deeply furrowed, glaucous-green, heart-shaped leaves with irregular creamy-yellow edge
          flowers:  in mid-summer, trumpet-shaped, violet, sometimes called pale lavender or mauve
        Hosta lancifolia:  Narrow-Leaved Plantain Lily, 18"x30"
          Hosta lancifolia
          specific epithet is pronounced:  lann-sih-FOE-lee-uh
            foliage:  narrow, lance-shaped, glossy and green
              flowers:  late summer into autumn, deep violet or lavender-blue on 24" stems
                note:  this is always the last one to bloom in our gardens
              Hosta plantaginea:  Fragrant Plantain Lily, August Lily, 24"x48"
                note:  watch for a photo here soon
                  specific epithet is pronounced:  plan-tuh-JINN-ee-uh
                    foliage:  pale green, oval, glossy
                      flowers:  late summer into early autumn, highly fragrant, trumpet-shaped and white
                        note:  this one prefers sunnier locations than most
                      Hosta sieboldiana 'Elegans':  Siebold's Hosta 'Elegans', 3'x5'
                        Hosta sieboldiana 'Elegans'
                        specific epithet is pronounced:  see-bowl-dee-AY-nuh
                          species named for:  German physician & botanist Philipp Franz von Siebold (1796 - 1866)
                            foliage:  very large, heart-shaped, heavily-textured with prominent veins, has a blue cast, turning lovely golden in autumn
                              flowers:  June to July, trumpet-shaped, on long stems, in racemes high above foliage
                            Hosta sieboldiana 'Frances Williams':  Siebold's Hosta 'Frances Williams', 25"x30"
                              Hosta sieboldiana 'Frances Williams'
                              note:  this form, in full bloom, is seen in the image border around this page, as well as out of bloom in the photo above
                                named after:  Mrs. Frances Ropes Williams (1883-1969) of Winchester, Massachusetts
                                  foliage:  very large, rounded, puckered, heavy-textured, blue-green with a wide yellow margin that deepens with the season
                                    flowers:  in July, near white, actually a soft lilac
                                      note:  may scorch in full sun
                                    Hosta undulata:  Wavy-Leaved Hosta, an unnamed form, forms a short, small clump
                                      Hosta undulata
                                      specific epithet is pronounced:  un-dew-LAY-tuh
                                        foliage:  creamy-white centre with green edges, twisted-looking
                                          flowers:  lilac
                                        Hosta undulata:  a much taller form at 2-3' than the one above
                                          Hosta undulata
                                          foliage:  striking, leaves 6" long, 3" wide, wavy edged with whitish stripes
                                            flowers:  pale lilac on tall stems
                                              uses:  to bring brightness into a shady border
                                            Hosta undulata 'Albo-Marginata':  16"x36"
                                              Hosta undulata 'Albo-Marginata'
                                              foliage:  emerges variegated in spring, with a narrow cream edge and a green mid-rib, foliage looks twisted
                                                note:  the second crop of leaves is often streaked, very different from the first
                                                Hosta 'Carnival':  36"x16"
                                                  Hosta 'Carnival'
                                                  foliage:  heavily textured, glossy, dark green with wide yellow margin, with some mottling of yellow & green
                                                    flowers:  long lasting, lavender
                                                  Hosta 'Gold Standard'
                                                    Hosta 'Gold Standard'
                                                    foliage:  oval to heart-shaped, all green in spring, changing to bright yellow with green margin, centres near white by fall
                                                      flowers:  lavender, trumpet-shaped
                                                    Hosta 'Golden Tiara':  12" tall
                                                      Hosta 'Golden Tiara'
                                                      foliage:  small, round to heart-shaped, green with irregular golden margins
                                                        flowers:  in July
                                                      Hosta 'Guacomole':  24"x36"
                                                        Hosta 'Guacomole'
                                                        winner:  American Hosta Growers' Association Hosta of the Year - 2002
                                                          foliage:  large, rounded, heart-shaped, shiny golden centre & green margins
                                                            flowers:  June to August, lavender, large & fragrant
                                                              note:  needs some sun to intensify leaf colour
                                                            Hosta 'Halcyon':  to6"x16"
                                                              Hosta 'Halcyon'
                                                              foliage:  heart-shaped, with parallel veins & wavy margins, arching, grayish-blue that fades out in full sun
                                                                flowers:  July-August, violet-mauve, trumpet-shaped, in heavy clusters, opening just above foliage
                                                              Hosta 'June':  12"x30"
                                                                Hosta 'June'
                                                                winner:  American Hosta Growers' Association Hosta of the Year - 2001
                                                                  foliage:  heart-shaped, rich gold with narrow blue edge, light center bleaches to creamy-white in bright light
                                                                    flowers:  in August, lavender on 20" scapes
                                                                  Hosta 'Twist of Lime':  4" tall with vigorous growth rate
                                                                    Hosta 'Twist of Lime'
                                                                    foliage:  narrow and twisting, chartreuse-to-lemon with dark green irregular margins
                                                                      flowers:  small, funnel-shaped
                                                                    Unidentified Hosta
                                                                      unidentified Hosta with glossy foliage
                                                                      foliage:  huge deep glossy green leaves with a satiny finish
                                                                        flowers:  purple
                                                                      Unidentified Hosta
                                                                        unidentified Hosta
                                                                        foliage:  huge green non-glossy leaves
                                                                          flowers:  white
                                                                        Hosta:  an unnamed form obtained unlabelled from a plant sale
                                                                          Hosta - an unnamed small form
                                                                          foliage:  tiny and with a hint of blueness
                                                                            flowers:  pale lavender
                                                                          Hosta:  an unnamed form from a friend in 2008
                                                                            new hosta - foliage only
                                                                            foliage:  small green leaves with narrow white margins
                                                                              flowers:  will note colour in 2009

                                                                            Now that we have suitable places in which to locate them, I plan to add more to our gardens every year.

                                                                            Are we finished adding new garden beds? Probably not. But for now, all that's left of our digital garden tour is to view how the beds look in their winter guise. Just follow the link to OUR GARDENS IN WINTER to see for yourself.

                                                                            Or you may wish to try some of our Plant Partnership pages to get you thinking about creating new plant combinations for yourself. For myriad ideas, just follow the link to PURPLE PERENNIALS & THEIR COMPANIONS or try any of our many other links further below.


                                                                            The montage below is of images of our Hosta Garden, with hostas both in and out of bloom, during the 2006 gardening season.

                                                                            a montage of images of the Hosta Garden during 2006

                                                                            POPULAR HOSTA LINKS

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                                                                            Or visit the HOSTA LIBRARY site for lots of valuable information about every Hosta imaginable. This link will take you to their site and away from ours, so be sure to bookmark us so you can find your way back. Or simply use your Back button to return to our Hosta Garden page after you have checked out the hundreds of Hosta forms they have arranged alphabetically on their site.

                                                                            Do you have any hostas that you haven't been able to identify? You may find assistance in finding Hosta species or cultivar names by following the link to the MICKFIELD HOSTAS site. There you will find images of the leaf of each type, its size and shape, along with a description of the overall plant from Hosta 'A Many-Splendored Thing' to Hosta 'Zounds'. Follow their own links for a full alphabetical Collections List, Plant List and Catalogue for the current year. A truly amazing site packed with useful information.

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