Narcissus - a lovely unnamed double-flowered yellow form


Whether they are called Daffodils, Narcissus or Jonquils, the genus Narcissus has a wealth of wonderful members. Who doesn't welcome these harbingers of spring with open arms after our lengthy northern winters?

While some of the earliest forms start blooming in late winter, other later-blooming forms complete the show. If you plant early season, mid-season and late season types you can enjoy up to a three-month bloom period. And including fragrant species in your plantings will increase your enjoyment immeasureably.

Your Narcissus may benefit from being divided about every fourth year in early summer, after the foliage has died off completely. Lift the bulbs, lay to dry in the shade and break apart only when the bulbs separate easily. Either replant them at once or store in a cool, airy place and plant in autumn.

The American Daffodil Society Wister Award has been earned by several of the cultivars named below. Their site has images and information you might find both interesting and useful.

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    with:  Aquilegia x hybrida, Bellis perennis, Cheiranthus
      in shade with:  Myosotis, Polemonium caeruleum, Polemonium reptans, Pachysandra
        with:  Primula including Primula 'Jaune', P. Pacific Giants Scarlet & Bright Red Shades
          with:  Primula denticulata 'Ronsdorf Mix' (in moist soil), P. polyantha, P. vulgaris
            under:  Liriope
              behind:  Thalictrum aquilegifolium
                beside:  Lysimachia clethroides
                  with:  spring-blooming shrubs
                    with other bulbs:  Tulipa (early), Scilla sibirica
                      with:  Hemerocallis (whose emerging foliage will hide the withering daffodil foliage well), Paeonia, Iris
                        in shade with:  Denstaedtia punctilobula (Hayscented Fern), Hosta spp.
                          informal shade settings with:  Mertensia virginica, Polemonium caeruleum, Pulmonaria, Vinca minor

                        BY BLOOM TIME

                        Narcissus:  early-blooming

                          with:  Acanthus spinosus
                            with:  Phlox subulata (pink), Phlox subulata 'Atropurpurea'
                              around base of:  Paeonia lactiflora (Common Garden Peony)
                                with:  Iris x germanica (Bearded Iris)
                                  drifted behind:  Aubrieta deltoidea
                                    with:  Anemone nemorosa, Chionodoxa de luciliae 'Gigantea' (bright mid-blue)
                                      with:  Epimedium (including red forms)
                                        with:  Puschkinia (Striped Squill)
                                          with:  Hyacinthus (Multiflowered Hyacinth)
                                            with:  Helleborus orientalis, Myosotis, Pulmonaria saccharata 'Mrs. Moon' (pink & blue)
                                              especially nice with:  Myosotis alpestris 'Victoria' (a dark blue form)
                                            Narcissus:  May-blooming
                                              with:  Doronicum caucasicum
                                            Narcissus:  late-blooming
                                              with:  Dicentra eximia (dwarf Fringed Bleeding Heart), Dicentra spectabilis (Old-Fashioned Bleeding Heart)
                                                with:  Endymion hispanicus (Spanish Bluebells), Mertensia virginica

                                              BY SIZE

                                              Narcissus:  dwarf forms

                                                in spaces between:  large Hosta, ferns, Dicentra
                                                  with:  Asarum europaeum, Muscari
                                                    in shade under:  Omphalodes (Navelwort)
                                                  Narcissus:  miniature forms
                                                    under:  Ajuga reptans
                                                      with:  Primula
                                                        with other bulbs:  Anemone blanda
                                                      Narcissus:  small types only
                                                        with:  Primula elatior (Oxlip Primrose, a pale yellow), Thymus
                                                          under:  Veronica repens
                                                        Narcissus:  tall forms
                                                          with:  Leucojum aestivum 'Gravetye Giant' (Summer Snowflake)
                                                        Narcissus:  tall hybrid forms
                                                          in front of:  Fritillaria imperialis rubra

                                                        BY COLOUR

                                                        Narcissus:  apricot

                                                          combined with:  Tulipa 'Orange Emperor' (soft orange) & Mertensia virginica
                                                        Narcissus:  orange shades
                                                          combined with:  Tulipa 'Orange Emperor' (soft orange) & Mertensia virginica
                                                        Narcissus:  pale shades
                                                          under shrubs:  Cornus (Dogwood), Kolkwitzia amabilis (the aptly-named Beauty Bush)
                                                        Narcissus:  pink shades
                                                          combined with:  Tulipa 'Orange Emperor' (soft orange) & Mertensia virginica
                                                        Narcissus:  white forms
                                                          with:  Tulipa 'Golden Apeldoorn' (yellow)
                                                            behind:  Arabis caucasica
                                                              with:  Bergenia cordifolia 'Perfecta' (lilac-red)
                                                            Narcissus:  late white
                                                              with:  Arabis albida 'Flore Plena' (double white), Tulipa 'Couleur Cardinal' (crimson) & Mertensia (turquoise)
                                                            Narcissus:  white and yellow forms
                                                              with other bulbs:  Muscari, Tulipa 'Golden Apeldoorn' (yellow)
                                                            Narcissus:  bright yellow forms
                                                              in shade with:  Brunnera macrophylla
                                                            Narcissus:  short pale yellow with orange cup
                                                              in front of:  Cheiranthus
                                                            Narcissus:  white with an orange cup
                                                              Narcissus - white with an orange cup
                                                              this unnamed white with orange cups would look just as lovely with the combination suggested for the pale yellow form above
                                                            Narcissus:  yellow & cream-coloured types
                                                              with:  Hyacinthus (pink & blue forms), Iberis sempervirens
                                                            Narcissus:  yellow types
                                                              with:  Iberis sempervirens, Anemone blanda (especially purple forms)
                                                                in shade with:  Mertensia virginica, Viola odorata

                                                              BY TYPE

                                                              Narcissus bulbocodium conspicuus:  Hoop Petticoat Daffodil, Division 10

                                                                where:  meadows and woods
                                                              Narcissus canaliculatus:  white flowers with yellow cups, sweetly scented, 6"
                                                                Narcissus canaliculatus
                                                                the daintier forms of Narcissus such as the one above are fast becoming my favourites
                                                              Narcissus cyclamineus:  6", Division 10
                                                                with:  Viola odorata 'White Czar'
                                                              Narcissus jonquilla:  12", Division 10
                                                                near:  Phlox subulata (pink), Phlox subulata 'Atropurpurea'
                                                              Narcissus poeticus:  a late-blooming white, 9-17", Division 10
                                                                Narcissus poeticus
                                                                this is always the last daffodil to bloom in my garden, its intense fragrance making you want to linger nearby
                                                                  with:  Hemerocallis 'Stella d’Oro'
                                                                    with:  Phlox subulata 'Atropurpurea'
                                                                      combined with:  Phlox subulata (pink), Tulipa (white), Tulipa (dark plum), Iris (sky blue Intermediate) & Dicentra
                                                                    Narcissus poeticus recurvatus:  17"
                                                                      with:  Geum (orange), Geum borisii, Geum 'Juliana'
                                                                        with:  yellows, including Doronicum

                                                                      BY CULTIVAR NAME

                                                                      Narcissus 'Accent':  18", white/salmon, Wister Award winner

                                                                        in woodland setting with:  Pulsatilla vulgaris (formerly Anemone pulsatilla)
                                                                      Narcissus poeticus 'Actaea':  Pheasant’s Eye Narcissus, 16", the whitest of all narcissus petals
                                                                        where:  in moist sites unsuitable for other Narcissus types
                                                                      Narcissus 'Chinese Coral':  a pink-cupped Trumpet type
                                                                        where:  near a terrace or patio, in beds and borders
                                                                      Narcissus 'Dove Wings':  a cyclamineus type, 12", Division 6
                                                                        with:  English Ivy
                                                                      Narcissus 'Dick Wilden':  bright yellow double, 14", mid-season, Division 4
                                                                        Narcissus 'Dick Wilden'
                                                                        seen above over:  a few blue flowers of Myosotis
                                                                      Narcissus 'Dutch Master':  
                                                                        with other Narcissus:  Narcissus 'Thalia' & Narcissus 'Hawera'
                                                                          combo with:  above and Scilla 'Blue Queen', Chionodoxa 'Gigantea', Muscari & Galanthus nivalis
                                                                        Narcissus 'February Gold':  golden-yellow, 13", Division 6
                                                                          with:  Viola odorata 'White Czar'
                                                                        Narcissus 'February Silver':  white with pale yellow corona, 13", Division 6
                                                                          with:  Viola odorata 'White Czar'
                                                                        Narcissus 'Glacier':  a white form
                                                                          with:  Vinca minor
                                                                        Narcissus 'Hawera':  6-8", lemon yellow, Division 5
                                                                          Narcissus 'Hawera'with pink Creeping Phlox and a burgundy mid-size Iris
                                                                          above with:  bright pink Phlox subulata and a burgundy mid-size Iris x germanica
                                                                            with:  Muscari armeniacum 'Blue Spike' (a double form)
                                                                              with:  Crocus vernus 'Joan of Arc', Tulipa tarda, Hyacinthus 'Odysseus', Festuca (blue), Phlox subulata (lavender)
                                                                                with other Narcissus forms:  Narcissus 'Dutch Master' & 'Thalia'
                                                                                  multi-bulb combo with:  above and Scilla 'Blue Queen', Chionodoxa 'Gigantea', Muscari armeniacum & Galanthus
                                                                                    complimentary bloom time with:  Muscari botryoides 'Album' & Crocus
                                                                                  Narcissus 'Ice Follies':  16", Division 3, Wister Award winner
                                                                                    Narcissus 'Ice Follies'
                                                                                    this cultivar's yellow centre, quite distinct when the flowers open, fades to a creamy white as it ages
                                                                                  Narcissus 'Ice Wings':  12" fragrant ivory-white triandrus
                                                                                    where:  rock gardens
                                                                                  Narcissus 'Las Vegas':  
                                                                                    behind:  Erythronium x 'Pagoda' (canary-gold)
                                                                                  Narcissus 'Martha Washington':  white with yellow cups
                                                                                    with:  Kerria japonica
                                                                                      double echo with:  mat of Arabis procurrens in front of Kerria japonica 'Pleniflora' (or a single form)
                                                                                    Narcissus 'Mount Hood':  white, 17", Division 1
                                                                                      with:  Tulipa 'Red Emperor' (an 18" early-blooming Fosteriana)
                                                                                    Narcissus 'Mrs. R. O. Backhouse':  soft apricot-pink
                                                                                      in shade with:  Mertensia virginica
                                                                                    Narcissus 'Segovia':  small cup diminutive type
                                                                                      where:  rock gardens, beside front steps
                                                                                    Narcissus 'Stainless':  white large cup, 1 flower per stem
                                                                                      with:  Vinca minor
                                                                                    Narcissus 'Tête-à-Tête':  golden-yellow cyclamineus hybrid, miniature, 6-12", Division 6
                                                                                      with:  Chionodoxa de luciliae (blue or pink)
                                                                                    Narcissus 'Thalia':  white triandrus hybrid type, 15", Division 5
                                                                                      with:  Muscari armeniacum 'Blue Spike' (a double form)
                                                                                        with:  Tulipa 'Little Beauty' (dark red/blue eyes, a 2-3" dwarf)
                                                                                          with other Narcissus forms:  Narcissus 'Dutch Master' & Narcissus 'Hawera'
                                                                                            multi-bulb combo with:  above and Scilla 'Blue Queen', Chionodoxa 'Gigantea', Muscari armeniacum & Galanthus
                                                                                              in shade with:  Pulmonaria including pink & blue 'Mrs. Moon'
                                                                                            Narcissus 'Yellow Cheerfulness':  double white with orange flecks, 16", Division 4
                                                                                              echo with:  Tulipa 'General de Wet' (soft orange etched with red)
                                                                                                combined with:  Muscari (blue), Tulipa 'Bellona' (an early yellow) & Fritillaria imperialis (yellow)

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